The proof of our commitment to the client.

Rocas, Arcillas y Minerales, S.A. is a company within Ferroglobe PLC, world leader in the production of silicon and derived alloys.

We are proud of our work and the position of authority we have achieved in this field as a result of a long and successful journey. Hence the reason why we value our prestige and the excellence of our product, putting that experience and professionalism at the client's disposal.

It is particularly important for us to ensure safety and respect for the environment in all phases of our productive processes, which are, nevertheless, subject to constant and strict quality controls.

The maximum professional rigour is not at odds with a close relationship in which to develop a creative and profitable collaboration, and we find it very stimulating to try to overcome ourselves in order to offer each client exactly what is needed. This effort encompasses both the industrial aspect and the commercial and logistic solutions in order to adapt our operation to what is expected, thus reinforcing the client's business objectives.

Beatriz Prado Beatriz Prado Beatriz Prado
Beatriz Prado Head of quality control at Rocas, Arcillas y Minerales, S.A.

The laboratory of Rocas, Arcillas y Minerales, S.A. is a worldwide leading facility in quartz analysis, offering technical assistance to the leading group in the extraction of silicon and derived alloys. More than 10,000 tests are carried out every year.

It is the laboratory in charge of supervising the production of Serrabal white quartz available for sale in its different granulometries, and among others, it supervises the parameters of whiteness and chemical analysis.

The quality system is certified by IQNet and AENOR according to UNE-EN ISO 9001. It also boasts CE marking of aggregates for concrete and aggregates for mortar. Currently, the laboratory is in the final process for its ENAC accreditation as an independent laboratory, in accordance to UNE-EN ISO 17025 regarding "General requirements for the competence of the testing and calibration laboratories".

Samples request

Thank you for your interest in receiving Serrabal white quartz samples.

Please send us an email at specifying which samples you would like to receive and providing your contact information.

Do not hesitate to advance information as to the desired product application so that one of our specialists may contact you and advise you.

Sample policy: We offer this service for business purposes only. Rocas, Arcillas y Minerales, S.A. reserves the right to refuse samples.

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